eSolia MyCIO Solution

Problems with your IT Department in Japan?

eSolia will act as your "Virtual CIO" and assist you in improving your business efficiency and IT operations in Japan. Our unique MyCIO service is targeted at customers who feel their Japan IT department operations could be improved in any area, including:

  • Governance
  • Management Leadership
  • Operations or Process
  • Infrastructure or Technology
  • Budget Control
  • Use of Vendors
  • and so on...

eSolia will take a full- or part-time interim management role, to improve IT efficiency, define or run IT operations, link IT to your business governance strategy, control IT risk, analyze the budget and spend, review vendor contracts and relationships, or upgrade or refresh the technologies in use.

We can get the job done precisely because we are outsiders, and therefore not steeped in office politics.

Main Activities

  • eSolia consulting professionals will act as ombudsmen and allies to your organization, in their IT management and support roles.
  • Our professionals will implement our IT framework, and best practices for running IT operations.
  • Our professionals will manage your IT staff, and report to upper management.

Please also see our Consulting or Outsourcing service pages for a little more detail on our processes, and request more info below to start the conversation.