eZuce openUC Enterprise from eSolia

Ready Today, Built for Tomorrow

eSolia is partnering with eZuce to provide openUC(TM) Enterprise to the Japan market.

openUC is a complete solution for enterprise communications including voice, video, instant messaging, presence, conferencing, collaboration, unified messaging, call center, and mobility. It delivers immediate results, high end-user appeal, and a quick return on investment. openUC is the low risk solution for all CIOs and IT Directors in need of a proven and open solution. openUC targets mid-size to large enterprises with many users in a distributed environment. It provides communications services out of a centralized datacenter to the entire enterprise with high-availability you can rely on. openUC includes the leading and most advanced SIP session manager. It is built on a superior architecture that allows seamless redundancy and scale with ease. All the needed features and call routing capabilities are implemented in native SIP, which eliminates the need for a complex and costly external feature server.

openUC is a full featured unified communications solution that enables enterprise customers to easily transition from legacy PBX systems and has a robust, scalable architecture that enables users to redefine their collaboration and communications by leveraging the capabilities of:

  • Centralized Management—for all aspects of system configuration, operations, backup & restore, software upgrade and troubleshooting.
  • Single Sign-On—centralized into Active Directory or other LDAP based directory services, enabling secure user and credentials management across all applications.
  • Business Process Integration—Simple Web Services based integration of communications capabilities into your business processes.
  • Security—Secure password management, call authentication, and TLS based trunking.
  • SSOA architecture—Allows integration of your existing applications, it enables your Web infrastructure for communications, it automates internal processes, and it connects with your partners and supply chain.
  • Instant Messaging—Based on standard XMPP (Jabber) it allows for federation and integration.
  • Unified Messaging—Software based voicemail and messaging, integrated with email, offering high-definition audio, highly scalable, and with Web integration.
  • Mobility—Seamless integration of the mobile experience for single number reachability, internal dialing, mobile corporate phonebook access, and mobile instant messaging and presence.

The openUC architecture was shaped by the way the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard was originally written. Unlike many other products where SIP capabilities were added later and as an additional feature, openUC was built as a native SIP product. All features are implemented in SIP and based on the relevant standards. No additional feature servers are required. The Java based management system is designed as a SIP Service Oriented Architecture (SSOA) that naturally facilitates business process and application integration using Web Services. openUC is made to enable cost-effective managed services delivery including cloud deployments. Its lean and efficient resource footprint enables both embedded systems applications as well as virtualized cloud deployments. Surrounded with modern tools, openUC integrates into an existing IT infrastructure and established best practices for management, monitoring and reporting.

openUC scales and offers powerful load-sharing redundancy options because media traffic for voice and video does not traverse the server, but is routed peer-to-peer on the LAN. Zero impact server outages, crystal clear voice and video quality and the ability to deploy openUC as a distributed system are some of the key advantages.

At its core openUC is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Session Manager paired with an XMPP Instant Messaging & Presence server and a Media Server. The SIP Session Manager routes communications sessions across a network similar to an IP router that routes IP packets or an email server that routes email messages. It is self-healing, redundant, and load-sharing. This means that in-progress voice or video calls are not affected by a sudden server outage. It also means that media traffic is routed on the network (LAN or WAN) direct peer-to-peer between end points so that the SIP server never becomes the bottle neck or a single point of failure.

The openUC IM & presence server fully supports the XMPP protocol and comes with all the enterprise features included. It supports group chat and file transfer, can handle a wide variety of clients including clients on smartphones. It is closely federated with the SIP side of openUC to represent federated presence. Call escalations are easy with openUC going from chat to a voice/video call or group chat to a conference call.

The openUC media server provides state-of-the art and high definition media handling for voicemail and conferencing applications. It is a pure software based solution requiring no specialized hardware.

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