eSolia Project Management

eSolia has been executing successful projects for Fortune 500 firms in Tokyo since 1999. We have real experience and success running large, complex projects in ERP, BPR, technology refreshes and rollouts, moves, VoIP telephony and PBX, and software development.

Our practical project management approach is unique, and it allows us to avoid typical project issues like the "parkinson's effect" where work mysteriously expands to fill available time, ill-managed schedules and scopes, over analysis and other pitfalls.

Our professionals work with your functional and technical experts, in English or Japanese, and if you will advise us your constraints including deadlines and "sacred cows", budget and mandates, we will work flexibly toward your goal keeping those in mind.

We have our own hybrid project management methodology, and are flexible in our approach. Please see our Project Process Flow and ICICM methodology information on our project services page, for more information on our project process steps:

  • Initiation
  • Controlled Implementation
  • Closure
  • Maintenance

Our goal is to get your project done; not necessarily to have a certificate that says we might.

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