EDA Tool Vender - Move PM and Unix Support Desk

Provision of Project Management, Consulting and ongoing support services, to complete the activities related to a new office move project and ongoing support. The customer's environment is Sun and Linux based, with PCs for admin staff.

Team Members - 1 project manager, 1 engineer, 2 consultants.

Users -Approx 30

Project Duration (Months) -6 months.

Project Effort (Months)-2.5 person-months.

Sites -Yokohama x 1, Osaka x 1.

Problems -

• Move project management required.
• Consulting for IT systems and operations
• Lack of ongoing support.

Solution -

• Efficient PM of move project.
• Consolidation of IT operations, including Unix, Linux and Windows.
• Implementation of helpdesk.

Benefits -

• Met move deadline and budget.
• Domestic IT operations now running smoothly.
• Efficient use of terabyte-level storage for design projects.
• Immediate Helpdesk feedback for user and engineer problems.

Technology -

• NetApp storage over fiberchannel.
• Sun enterprise equipment and Solaris OS.
• Sun Workstations.
• Dell PCs and Servers, running Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux.
• Proprietary design software.
• Unix systems - NIS, NFS, bind, squid, ssh, IPSEC, apache, ipchains, tripwire.
• Microsoft Exchange 2000 Groupware (English), with bilingual modifications.