Electron Microscope Manufacturer - M & A IT Refit

Provision of Project Management, Consulting and ongoing support services, to complete the IT activities related to the M&A of a foreign and domestic company. Successfully localized IT policy, rolled out new standard PCs and laptops to 100 users, provided training and are currently providing ongoing support.

Team Members - Project manager, 3 engineers.

Users -Approx 75

Project Duration (Months) -6 months.

Project Effort (Months)-6 person-months.

Sites -Tokyo x 3, Osaka x 1, (Asia x 3)

Problems -

• Lack of Project leadership.
• M&A-related deadline.
• Merging companies have very different cultures.
• Weak IT standards.
• Old equipment.

Solution -

• Establish new global WAN links, and new LAN infra.
• Backup all old data.
• Design and rollout new servers and PCs.
• Establish helpdesk.
• Train users in new policy and software.

Benefits -

• M&A deadline beat.
• Users trained on global IT policies and systems.
• Legacy systems still available, hedging risk.
• Low domestic running cost with structured IT approach.

Technology -

• Cisco / Extreme Networking, Nortel VPN.
• Custom programs for backup and restore during rollout.
• Windows 2000, Active Directory
• Exchange Groupware, English Version, setup to work for
• Japanese processing.
• MFG/PRO emulator connections
• Clarify CRM localization assistance, setup, support.