Foreign Financial Institution - System Move and Migration

Provision of Project Management, Consulting and ongoing support services, to complete the activities related to a NETWORK MIGRATION and SYSTEM MOVE. The project was completed successfully with no downtime.

Team Members - Project Manager x 1. Engineer x 2. Consultant x 1.

Users -Approx. 500

Project Duration (Months) -6 Months

Project Effort (Months)-30 Person-Months

Sites -Tokyo

Problems -

• Need to migrate system from Netware to NT 4.0.
• Lack of skilled planners and engineers.
• Weak backup system and DRP.
• Tight schedule.

Solution -

• Propose eliminating problems before they happen; re-design overall system, including servers and clients.
• Create security policies.
• Plan rollout, including creation of tools for efficiency.
• Train and manage engineers for a successful rollout.

Benefits -

• Project is complete before deadline.
• No Business Downtime during migration.
• System delivered is better-than-expected spec.
• Operations smoother than before new system.
• System is now recoverable.

Technology -

• Sophisticated script programs assisted migration of NetWare NDS to Windows NT SAM.
• Backup system design using Veritas and streamed RAID DLT backup, and quick recovery of servers using boot CDs.
• Created PC disk "image" for each type of hardware, allowing fast rollout.
• Software distributed to PCs with WinInstall.
• Clarify CRM localization assistance, setup, support.