Major Car Manufacturer

New system to allow creation of documents and their management required by Major Car Manufacturer. Complete custom wordprocessor, spreadsheet created for OS/2 from scratch.

Team Members - Project Manager x 1. Engineer x 2.

Users -NA

Project Duration (Months) -6 Months

Project Effort (Months)-20 Person-months

Sites -Tokyo, Nagoya

Problems -

• Development was to be done on newly released OS/2.
• Data had to be shared between Mini, Unix and PC systems.
• Very little information available on new OS/2.
• Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet and OLE-like functions required
• Image processing required.

Solution -

• System designed and programmed around new language "C/2".
• Create wordprocessor and spreadsheet from scratch.
• Create OLE-like system to allow data exchange between Mini, Unix and PC.
• Implement standard programming practices.
• Rollout nationwide.
• Training for engineering team.

Benefits -

• Completed within project timeframe. M&A deadline beat.
• Still upgraded and used even today!
• FIRST example of OS/2 system.

Technology -

• Full use of IBM technology, including unpublished specs.
• Example of complete customization of environment