Marine Products Maker—M & A IT Due Diligence for US Market Entry

Monday 4 December 2006

Provision of consulting for IT due diligence for a Marine Products maker acquiring a subsidiary in the US - ERP and IT system and process discovery and reporting.

Team Members - Consultant / PM x 1, Admin x 1

Users -10

Project Duration (Months) -2 Week

Project Effort (Months)-4 Weeks

Sites -US HQ

Problems -

• Lack of detailed information on network and servers. Require inventory of hardware, software and data.
• Wish to understand if ERP can be used, and want better clarity on how ERP can help improve process.
• Business processes and how IT relates to them is not clear.
• Want general recommendations on how to improve.

Solution -

• Perform Consulting Discovery process reviewing and inventorying infrastructure, ERP and business processes.
• Create detailed feedback report covering all basic aspects of the ERP and LAN infrastructure, and giving recommendations for improvement.

Benefits -

• Additional problems to those flagged by client were discovered.
• Complete clarity on current IT infrastructure in prospective subsidiary.
• Strong understanding of ERP system.
• Solid transparency of current business process allowing parent company to better integrate operations.
• Clear path for improvement.

Technology -

• Microsoft Solomon ERP
• Crystal Reports
• FRx Financials
• DAC Payroll
• Dell Servers and Workstations