Medical Device Maker—Support and Move Management

Provision of interim or breakfix support for pre-move system installed on Japan entry by our predecessor. Planning, and managed implementation of office move to new premises, with refresh for obsolete technology. Post-move bilingual support, working between US and Europe technology department and Japan user group.

Team Members - Project Manager x 1. Engineer x 2.

Users -15

Project Duration (Months) -2 Months

Project Effort (Months)-4 Person-months

Sites -Tokyo, connecting to US and Europe via FrameRelay WAN.

Problems -

• Change of operations personnel caused continuity challenges for inhouse support.
• HQ IT standards were not implemented.
• Weak security due to multiple internet gateways and lines.
• No backups being performed - data unprotected.
• Router misconfiguration causing system failures.

Solution -

• Stopgap management of system until move - firefighting.
• Active move management and cleanup of systems - IT technology refresh.
• Implementation of HQ IT policies and standards.

Benefits -

• Move completed under budget and on time.
• HQ IT policies implemented - improved visibility into Japan IT.
• Improved human interface between Japan and HQ IT.
• Stable systems and less downtime.

Technology -

• Category 5e Structured Cable
• Cisco Catalyst Switches and Routers
• Compaq Proliant Servers
• APC Racks