Multinational Hardware Maker - OS Development and Localization

Performed Japanese localization, debug and test of IBM OS/2, establishing excellent rapport between Japan and USA teams.

Team Members - Project Manager x 1. Engineer x 2.

Users -NA

Project Duration (Months) -3 Months

Project Effort (Months)-10 Person-Months

Sites -Tokyo, Kanagawa

Problems -

• Localization required for new OS OS/2.
• Must make new release of OS compatible with existing applications.
• Project to be completed quickly

Solution -

• Debug and re-code certain portions of code.
• Create dev't and test tools. Provide detailed docs to IBM USA to allow further testing and coding there.
• Proceed in organized fashion with good project management practices.

Benefits -

• Project completed within timeframe.
• IBM America team satisfied with English bug reporting. Good team rapport established.
• Many bugs fixed.

Technology -

• Custom "purpose use" software created for purpose.
• Special dev't techniques for OS/2 developed.