Outsourcing Services

When you outsource with eSolia, you have access to a range of support, engineering and integration services performed by bilingual professionals armed with eSolia frameworks, tools, and the latest product knowledge. Whether your needs are simple or complex, eSolia professionals can offer you controlled expert assistance with your IT matters, or take full management responsibility over part or all of your IT operations.

Why should you outsource? One of the primary benefits is service continuity - hired or contracted individuals may be very good, but individuals move on, taking your system knowledge with them. eSolia teamITMS is focused on providing you with best practices for consistent quality engineering and support - leaving you more time to focus on your business.

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Outsourcing Benefits

Service continuity -
- full ongoing maintenance of the outsourced operation's agreed service level.

Access to eSolia teamITMS -
- experienced expert professionals with a wide range of skills.

Latest knowledge -
- teamITMS experience works for you in a way that you would not get by hiring an individual.

Focus -
- eSolia outsourcing allows decision-makers to concentrate on their business.

TCO Reduction -
- total cost of ownership is reduced when you outsource your IT operations.

Process Flow

Process Flow

The eSolia outsourcing process is comprised of five general steps, each of which must be addressed for a successful engagement -

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Process Details

Process Details

eSolia Outsourcing is comprised of five general steps, each of which must be completed for a successful engagement -


The first step in the outsourcing process allows us to come to a clear understanding with the client as to what each party wishes to achieve, and how they are going to approach the engagement, working up an equitable engagement agreement document to act as a touch-point throughout the engagement.


Discovery allows us to act as a catalyst to convince our clients to take action. Here, our engineering and support professionals perform the preparations that allow intelligent planning to take place, including business needs analysis, system and software audit and inventory, and solution outlining. Once the data we collect is filtered and summarized, we can work with the client to plan systems and support.


Planning is where the inputs from discovery are used to create plans for implementing eSolia Outsourcing services. Planning can range from shorter informal sessions to longer processes involving formal project management. Examples of planning in this case include architecture for LAN or WAN network, security planning, system design and capacity planning, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and support processes for server checks or reporting.


Implementation involves executing the plans everyone has had a hand in creating. eSolia professionals recognize that this process is not just technical step-by-step execution, but also requires acknowledgement of relationship and commitment changes during the process. To this end, we attempt to create an atmosphere of trust where team members can express their opinions or reservations fully, and in which listening and presenting occur in equal measure. Examples of implentations include sourcing and delivery management, system installation or migration, support desk setup, system integration, and training.


Once systems and services are implemented, tested and verified, regular maintenance and review can be performed. Maintenance entails running systems and networks, performing breakfix maintenance operations, supporting users, managing assets, auditing security and settings, performing remote monitoring and maintenance, operating backups and BCP sites, and performing technology refresh projects with clients.

"TotalSupport" System Service

"TotalSupport" System Service

Reduce Cost, Improve Support Quality

eSolia TotalSupport System Maintenance agreements are targeted at firms seeking regular and spot IT support rather than hire full-time onsite IT support staff. On the other hand, the flexibility of eSolia TotalSupport agreements allow us to offer larger clients the option of suitable onsite staff on consignment.
TotalSupport makes simultaneous cost reduction and improved quality a reality.

Support Service Model and Options Fit your Needs

eSolia TotalSupport is comprised of the following components and options.

Assessment and Standardization -
Our experts will assess your system from a professional point of view, and make recommendations to improve effectiveness and stability.

Regular Visits Onsite, Support Offsite -
During business hours (9:00 to 18:00) our support professionals will schedule regular visits to your site, to perform an array of regular system maintenance tasks. We also provide offsite support remotely, from our facilities or the road, via email, phone or fax.

Additional Support -
Support outside the scope of the agreement between your organization and eSolia is of course possible - we can provide support during or after business hours (18:00 and later), in the form of offsite support via email, phone or fax, or additional onsite visits.

Web Support Center -
eSolia creates a support website for each of our TotalSupport customers, using which you can access system support records or documentation. Additionally, we provide an individual support email address for normal and urgent requests, which helps us repond quickly to your requests and meet our SLA obligations. /p>

Flexible Options -
TotalSupport agreements have flexible options for you to choose from - such as consigned full-time staff, or priority team response for certain systems or time periods.


Information Technology covers a wide range of disciplines. If your systems are supported by a team with limited knowledge, skill or experience, or, worse yet, by a single individual, there are numerous business risks such as shortsighted support practices or a total loss of support continuity. With eSolia, you are covered for all the areas shown above, by a balanced team providing professional, skillful and experienced support.

Additional Services

With eSolia TotalSupport, you have access to various additional services under the same contract.

* Project management
* Helpdesk Staff
* Hotline
* Procurement Management
* Bilingual HQ Liaison Consulting
* Training

Focused Engineering Services

Focused Engineering Services

During the planning and implementation stages of any IT project, experts are needed to provide input and the proper quality level. The eSolia engineering team has core competency in systems, network and software engineering, and provides bilingual, focused expert services for a wide range of products and situations. With eSolia engineering services, you enjoy the benefit of consistent high-quality service, that results in stable systems and leaves you more time to focus on your work.


Services Sampler -

LAN/WAN network design * backup architecture * integration planning * upgrade rollout * website design * internet connection * security assessment * server hardening * equipment room design * disaster recovery planning * login and batch scripting * database design * front end programming * capacity planning.

Success Stories

Success Stories

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