Our Pledge to You

eSolia Code of Conduct

In order to promote the highest quality of performance in our consulting and engineering practices, and to facilitate equitable and satisfactory client relationships, eSolia has developed the following “code of conduct”, or standards of good practice to which our professionals ascribe.


Our “pledge” is an example of our daily application of our “Code of Conduct”, laid out below:

While we do work on a time and materials basis, we book only the time that was required, never “creating work” to inflate the bill.

We work as fast as is practicable, following your process if you have specified one, or, our own “good practice” approach. This produces superior and fair results.

We report transparently on whatever we observe or do for you, for example providing details in our engineering reports that you would not get elsewhere.

We trade commitment for more favorable professional rates, because we want to foster a long-term relationship with our clients. The idea of “commitment” comes in various forms, including longer contract terms or higher work volume.

We act with company health and stability in mind, never engaging in unethical business practices or gamesmanship. Such activities are not good for anyone involved, and end up hurting businesses and relationships in the long run.

We take ownership of tasks, making sure to see them through to the end. Even if a positive result cannot be guaranteed, we will make sure to steward a task or activity until it is sufficiently resolved.

Code of Conduct

The following is our code of conduct, to which eSolia team members promise to adhere:

  1. We will strive to continually improve our knowledge, skill and technique, in a balanced way unspecific to any particular hardware manufacturer or software publisher, making the benefits of our professional attainments available to our clients.
  2. We will be truthful about our professional expertise. We will assist new members of our team in acquiring a full understanding of the functions, duties, and responsibilities of those in our profession, and to keep up with significant advances in their areas of practice.
  3. We will continually evaluate the quality of the work done by our professionals to insure, insofar as is possible, that all of our engagements are conducted in a competent manner.
  4. We will be truthful during and about all aspects of the engagement - agreement, discovery, feedback, implementation - and will not collude with any party to hide or change this information in our official stance.
  5. We will document our work in a chronological summary format, and in structured reporting formats for client requests and projects, storing these reports electronically for later recall.
  6. We will maintain confidentiality with regard to client engagements, materials and information.
  7. We will explain our fees completely and transparently, securing agreement, and will then bill for our services in a fair and reasonable manner.
  8. Uniquely qualified because of our education, experience and broad contact with problems in various industries, we recognize our debt to our profession, and will contribute to bettering the practices of our profession as a whole, and to developing more efficient ways of dealing with the problems we solve.
  9. We will not advertise our services in self-laudatory language or in any other manner derogatory to the dignity of the profession. We will conduct ourselves so as to reflect credit on our profession and to inspire the confidence, respect, and trust of clients and the public. In the course of our practice, we will strive to maintain a wholly professional attitude toward those we serve, toward those who assist us in our practice, toward our fellow consultants, toward the members of other professions, and the practitioners of applied arts and sciences.

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