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Still Running on Spreadsheets?

If you’re still running your business on spreadsheets, perhaps you’ve noticed that consolidations or reconciliations can get rather complex and error-prone. If the cost and time of converting a spreadsheet to a proper database has put you off in the past, please consider having us convert your sheets into our flexible and professionally-run cloud database, PROdb.


  1. Pay-as-you-go Pricing
  2. Speedy Development
  3. Near-real-time Changes
  4. Quick Problem Resolution
  5. Worldwide Availability


  1. Pay-as-you-go Pricing
  2. Speedy Development
  3. Near-real-time Changes
  4. Quick Problem Resolution
  5. Worldwide Availability

PROdb is our proven, rock-solid hosted database platform, which makes normally complex database setup and maintenance comparatively quick and easy.

As we become familiar with your business processes, we can put these into databases in PROdb, allowing you to capture transactions, manage workflow, and ultimately, manage your business.

Practical Examples

What kinds of databases can we deploy? PROdb is suitable for most sorts of normal business databases, such as these which we’ve implemented in the past:

  • contact management
  • lead tracking
  • time and expense
  • asset and product inventory control
  • paid holiday tracking
  • sales activity reporting
  • product sample shipping
  • cafeteria lunch tracking
  • real estate tracking
  • website data collection
  • event sign-in

… and many others.

What is Included?

Here is a small sample of what our cloud database platform provides as part of the default package:

  • Data can be quickly imported into separate but related tables, and accessed via Views that show the tables’ data in grid, calendar or chart format.
  • Security is role-based, so that users with a given role, see only what you intend. Custom solutions are also possible.
  • Views of data can be exported to Excel, viewed in an RSS news reader, or merged into a Microsoft Word document.
  • Data being entered can be validated, so mistakes are prevented upon entry.
  • Entry forms can be designed to “morph” as data is selected - for instance, a different form can be shown depending upon a data selection.
  • Data can easily be searched from views or forms.
  • Backups are taken automatically.

And many more features, as well.

The biggest benefit? You will be up and running in days to weeks (not months to years). Our team will handle the heavy IT lifting from infrastructure maintenance to database and application development, so you do not have to.

When to Consider

Consider PROdb if:

  1. you want the advantages of a full-featured, multi-user relational database, as opposed to a single-user spreadsheet.
  2. you want to allow access to your data in a controlled and secure manner.
  3. you prefer to validate your data as it goes in, rather than having to cleanse it periodically.
  4. you want to pay a low monthly cost, yet still have all the monthly maintenance taken care of.
  5. you value quick changes and problem resolution.
  6. you want “access anywhere” but with security.

Important Additional Information

PROdb is governed by this Terms of Service agreement. Users can enter a support request using this form.

See also our Security and Privacy and uptime status monitoring pages.

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