Why eSolia?

Our Mandate, Value, Process, Practices & Tools

Our Mandate

We consider our clients’ requirements to be of the greatest importance, and use the following tools and techniques to accommodate your directives, standards and mandate, in the most flexible manner possible.

Our Value

Our value to our clients derives from several systemic aspects about how eSolia is and acts:

As we’re not a staffing company, we work as a team to complete our consignments, covering a wide range of skills. In fact, we can provide all the skills a typical IT department has.

eSolia won’t leave you in a lurch. We think and act as though we are on our client’s side, as a kind of “ombudsman”, when negotiating with vendors on your behalf. The big benefit to our clients is, they get our experience and we fit right into the team.

We strive to hire multilingual professionals, who have spent time in a culture not their own. It simply does not work for us, if our staff have not spent real time overseas. Whether in person, or over the telephone, we’ll have no trouble communicating.

Besides good communication, our team strives to get the relevant certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA or ITIL to name a few. We start new engineer team members off, by having them get certified in basics like CompTIA A+, Network+ or ITIL Foundation.

Our professionals understand process, and are accustomed to clearly documenting the work done for a client. That’s the only way we can keep risk to an acceptable level, so we document almost obsessively.

Our support systems are well developed, which helps our team be efficient for you, to provide a standard set of reports. We keep records of what we did every day, which feeds into the monthly work report we send with our invoice. Further, incoming request tickets go into a regular “ticket report” email, which we sent out to relevant people.

Our Process

When you engage a professional services firm, getting your problem solved is the first thing on your mind, not the firm’s history or philosophy, or the latest fad.

Designing and implementing practical, realistic and future-proof solutions for your business and IT problems is the most important thing the professionals at eSolia do. But the “devil’s in the details” as they say, and it all comes down to execution. Our processes, based on best practices, support our efforts there.

Our Practices

eSolia fosters creativity in our problem-solving process with a core set of practices we bring into play in our engagements. eSolia strengthens its team by fostering in its members a strong belief in:

  • Honoring confidentiality
  • Awareness of security
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Listening well and generously
  • Encouraging full self-expression
  • Active learning and brainstorming
  • Iterative improvement over perfectionism

…to name a few.

Graphic showing eSolia practices
eSolia Practices

Our Tools

As mentioned elsewhere, we have sets of tools developed over years of experience. Most of our tools have been developed in our cloud database system “PROdb”, or can be accessed as otherwise linked:

  • Support ticket system
  • Remote support system
  • Engineering report system
  • Procedure and policy system
  • Client information storage system
  • Secure text encryption system, for sharing passwords securely
  • Document management
  • Source code management
  • Physical tools for engineering jobs
  • Uptime Monitor system

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